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esa gitana .. feria 2010


And just as two weeks after the holy week, the feria hits this town … and as the lyrics of one the Sevillanas says:

que guapa que esta sevilla (how beautiful seville is)

ole ole … ole ole

For an entire week, the city is transformed into an amazing spectacle.  Women of all ages dressed as gitanas (gypies) in long flamenco dresses in vibrant colours, adorned with matching or contrasting jewellery, peinetas, flowers, shawls … everyone looks stunning ! 

It is difficult not to get absorbed and swept in the whole feria vibe.  Already four months before the feria starts, the fashion of the year is launched at Simof.   The months to follow, preparations for the feria are in full swing.  Looking for the right dress and for all the adornments that accompany the dress, matching colours, trying out different styles and ensuring the dress fits perfect.  And just as yellow is not your colour, all of a sudden, the yellow mantoncillo looks amazing, especially when adorned with the huge bright yellow earrings loops.


That´s the feria: dazed in colour, the city moves to the rhythm of the sevillanas.  And this year, notwithstanding the rain, the feria is as vibrant as ever and we even to .  Today thursday it is slightly sunnier.  So before, I dress up and put on my flower and peineta, I wish you a happy jueves de feria. 

And of course, my first rebujito (fino mixed with sprite – typical drink of the feria) will be all of you out there….Olé!



Y así  dos semanas después de la semana santa, la feria llega a esta ciudad … y como la letra de una de las Sevillanas, dice:

Que guapa Que ESTA sevilla ..

 … ole ole

Durante una semana entera, la ciudad se transforma en un espectáculo asombroso. Mujeres de todas las edades vestidas de gitanas en trajes de flamenca en colores vibrantes, adornado con joyas a juego o en contraste, peinetas, flores, mantones … todo el mundo está impresionante!

Es difícil no absorberte en la onda de la feria. Ya cuatro meses antes se inicia la prepación con el desfile de moda en  SIMOF. Los meses de seguimiento, los preparativos para la feria están en plena marcha. Busca el vestido adecuado y todos los adornos que acompañan el vestido, juego con los colores, probando diferentes estilos y garantizar los ajustes del vestido perfecto. Y así como el amarillo no es tu color, de repente, el Mantoncillo amarillo te ve increíble, sobre todo cuando adornada con lazos de los enormes pendientes de color amarillo brillante.

Esa es la feria: aturdido en color, la ciudad se mueve al ritmo de las sevillanas. Y este año, a pesar de la lluvia, la feria es vibrante como siempre . Hoy jueves es ligeramente más soleado. Así que antes que me visto y me pongo la flor y la peineta, les deseo un feliz jueves de Feria. Y, por supuesto, mi primer rebujito será por ustedes…. Olé!


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Organising …

As you all know, I love jewellery.  And given yesterday I finally passed my DEA defense , this week I will take some time off to do all the things I always want to do but never have time (for example, write on this blog).  First thing on my list is to organise my own jewellery collection.  I have been checking various sites on creative solutions on how to organise your jewellery and this is what I found:

 Inspiring ideas from Maquette:

Less design site but lovely ideas at Martha

And this DIY solution, using a cake rack is also very cute by This and That.

I am still undecided on how to organise my little collection.  I know everybody has their own creative ways of organising things.  So if you have any ideas on how your organise your own stuff, we would be happy to hear from you.

Yesterday, I also spent some time with Ms J exploring shops in Seville for lace borders to try and do some new jewellery inspired by some stuff I’ve seen in Barcelona worn by Geisha D.

And finally, some exciting ideas on interior designn style and I cannot not mention the launch of the Sonia Rykiel collection by H&M this coming Saturday, which will also be available in Seville.

I wish you all a great inspiring week ….

… ok I had to come back to update this post, because I just came across another great way to organise jewellery by Design Gal.  I really like the end result:

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